Why Reviews Matter 


Over the years the digital marketplace has changed many things within the business and consumer relationship. One of the most significant, and continuously growing, changes? Online reviews.   

In the automotive industry alone, there are multiple platforms that allow users to rate your business based on their experience or post pictures from their visit. While it’s suggested that dealers be involved with as many third part sites as possible, over time, it has become increasingly clear that a dealership must be active on two specific review platforms: Facebook and Google. 

Staying active not only includes responding to reviews in a timely manner, but also taking the time to address the bad ones as well. Far too often a business can be seen ignoring a portion of the negative reviews.

If asked, “When do you and your team make a first impression on a potential customer?”  Would you say, when they’re driving into the lot? The commercial they spotted on TV? When they walk through the door and are first greeted by an associate?  

Believe it or not, with today’s technology, the answer is none of the above for many consumers. According to Bright Local, Automotive Services is one of five key businesses that consumers are interested in reading reviews for.  

You may ask, “What’s the big deal?” Short answer, the statistics.  

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Behind Reviews.

A few additional reasons why reviews matter for you and your business:

  • Consumers form opinions on a business faster than ever by reading just 1-6 online reviews. 

  • Almost 9 out of 10 consumers determine whether or not they can trust a business after reading just 10 reviews.  

  • More than half of consumers agree that negative reviews make them not want to use a business. 

  • A consumer’s preference to visit a business’ website after reading a negative review is seeing how the business responded.  

The growing number of online reviews and review sites can no longer be ignored. Embracing the opportunity to respond and receive feedback can provide benefits for the consumer and your business.