We're off to see the Wizard

In the automotive industry, dealers are always looking to peak behind the curtain. What is this dealership doing that is making them so fresh, innovative and creative? How are they doing it?

Not every dealership has the all seeing, all powerful Oz lurking back there. But with some education, training, and tools your dealership can have the heart, smarts, and courage to take the leap into the digital world. Be forewarned, however, that at AutoGrowl, our lion isn't cowardly.

Our recently created spot with Deery of Ames Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, in Ames, Iowa took this new road. Away from the traditional sales specials and shouting salesmen of yore. Up, up and away from just television. For this dealer, the new message was simple. There's no place like home. (Deery of Ames: Creating a Tradition) By simply complementing their broadcast campaign with integration into their Facebook page, we've earned them over 5,700 unique eyeballs, engaged more than 6,000 people and reached over 10,000 consumers in just 2 weeks. 

The goal at AutoGrowl is to assist dealers as the industry inevitably steps away from the traditional and into the digital world. We see where Automotive is going and how it is growing. We see where the opportunities are. We know where your customers are. The thought of entering the digital marketing realm may seem overwhelming, and there is no yellow brick road to guide you. You know your dealership needs it, or it's likely you already have it, but you don't know exactly what you are paying for.

At AutoGrowl we strive to be transparent, to peel back the curtain and not only provide services for our customers, but to educate them on where their dollars are being spent. We aren't going to make you bring us the broom of the Wicked Witch for our help.

Don't get left behind. There is a new way to reach customers that you are missing out on. We aren't in Kansas anymore.

Nicholas E Schmidt, Chief Operating Officer
(contact me directly at nick@autogrowl.com)