An Introduction to AutoGrowl

In today's world, the idea of buying a car has changed. No longer do we live in the days of driving for hours on end to shop different brands, becoming acquainted with dealerships of all shapes and sizes. As a consumer, you no longer have to worry about wasting precious weekend hours "shopping" dealership to dealership on a hot Saturday afternoon, in and out of each store just long enough to find that when you return to your vehicle each time it has increased back to its internal scorching temp of ouch! my leg just stuck to the seat again.

Let's be honest here, things have changed.

There are some dealerships out there that have still yet to realize this. Surprised? Probably not. The "car business" has had a bad rap over the years because things were much different before the cultivation of our digital age. There were no means to call around to dealers in your area for information about specific vehicles you found online. There were no price quotes being sent from a dealership's internet department. And most importantly, there was no transparency.

By transparency, we mean the overwhelming amount of information available to each and every consumer in the United States. The reason that some dealerships have yet to change, is because they are failing to realize that the new world we live in, right here in 2016, is as transparent as freshly squeegeed glass. You know what we know, and we're here to embrace that. 

At AutoGrowl, our goal is to provide dealerships with effective and innovative solutions that will carry their brand to new heights. Additionally, we are committed to helping our dealers communicate with you, the consumer, in the ways that make it easier to engage with the dealership of your choice. You can expect great things from our new company, both for dealers and for the consumer. 

We're here to create a new experience, for everyone involved. I look forward to sharing more about our growing organization moving forward. 

Ian C Mathews, President
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